Inked Provocatrix Veronika London on the Cover of BFM Magazine - June 2012

Inked Provocatrix Veronika London on the Cover of BFM Magazine – June 2012

Inked Provocatrix Veronika London on the Cover of BFM Magazine – June 2012

Inked Provocatrix Actress Veronika London- Cover of BFM magazine- June 2012

It is tempting to compare actress Veronika London with other contemporary bombshells. After all, Maxim magazine boldly christened her “The Megan Fox” of Canada in a sultry photo spread that set hearts and imaginations ablaze. But the Mexican-born beauty, raised in Canada, is charting a course all her own.

Her provocative performances on HBO’s LINGERIE and Showtime’s BODY LANGUAGE garnered her an instant following and put the world on notice that London’s appeal was much more than skin deep – she had acting chops and wasn’t afraid to use them. London’s career has also blossomed into the Spanish-language world in the films MEET MY WATER BUFFALO and the dark comedy short film THE ELUSIVE MAN. The latter garnered several festival awards including the “Action on Film Award” at the Action on Film International Film Festival. London is drawn to character-driven roles that offer what she calls “conflicting rawness.”

Now, London is poised for a star-turn performance as the title character in Nadeem Soumah’s gritty feature film SEARCHING FOR ANGELS opposite Vivica A. Fox (KILL BILL, INDEPENDENCE DAY). London plays a heroin-addicted prostitute who is discovered beaten in the street with no memory of her past. Refusing to trade on her looks, London fearlessly sheds the trappings that made her a Canadian sex symbol, and creates a riveting portrait of a young woman at serious risk. The result is a performance that is spellbinding in its power and truth.

London was born in Mexico City and raised in Toronto. Currently, she divides her time in Toronto and Los Angeles. Along with acting, London is a popular host, most recently as the host of TORO TV’s Damage Control.

How old were you when you started your acting/modeling career?

I’ve been acting my whole life since I was five. It was mostly theater productions and it was just for fun. I took it serious in 2009 and that’s when everything changed.

How did you land your first role in 2009 HBO’s “Lingerie” and Showtime’s “Body Language”?

One of the producers whom I had met before from HBO Lingerie TV Series contacted me that they were shooting a new show and to audition. After I auditioned I booked a role which later lead to Showtime’s Series. Needless to say, for Body Language I was only scheduled to be in one episode. After the director saw me read again to confirm my role, I got bumped up to second lead and they wrote my character into all 13 episodes.

Would you say that HBO series opened new opportunities for your acting career?

Oh yes, once you have a major network under you belt it helps credibility wise. Also, my love scene scored a lot of attention and got me featured in several major men’s magazines. Nudity and noise works. (Laughs)

Did you ever take acting classes or see an acting coach?

Yes, I’ve trained my whole life but it was just for fun. I took serious in 2009 when I learned to become a method actress and when I realized I was booking more and more.

What is the hardest part about acting?

Opening cans of worms that are hard to deal with and would be easier to avoid, but it’s those experiences that make words come to life and scenes magical.

What is the best part of being an actor?

Getting paid to lose myself and be someone else.

What does a person need to be a good actor?

Be open, connected, grounded and live life to the fullest. Real life living is the juice to real life exploiting on film through someone’s script.

What is your favorite type of movie genre?

Anything gangster, street or call girl type with twists. I love films that F””” with your mind and have truth.

How do you think you’ve grown as an actress/Model?

I know I have grown as a person maturity wise and with taking risks. The bi product of that reflects on taking better control as an actress/model and trusting my own judgment in taking risks with how I play the game.

What is your favorite movie you’ve been in and why?

Searching For Angels, starring across Vivica A. Fox. This role really challenged me as an individual. When I saw the final product I was actually surprised how well I was able to pull off being an amnesiac heroin addict.

Do you have any regrets from the acting business?

Many opportunities came up when I was younger to pursue the business in a greater scale- at the time I didn’t take them seriously and passed on them. I thought it would be a really hard business to succeed in. I was wrong.

If you could collaborate with 3 people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, and Tim Burton.

Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro are my all time favorite actors.

Tim Burton is my favorite director, his taste in movies is so eccentric. I’m attracted to things that aren’t ordinary generally in life.

How do you compare modeling to acting?

They are both a form of expression. One is still movement and the other is actual movement. Both have to deliver rawness and emotion to make it compelling.

What do you think of today’s movies compared to the classics?

I am all about the classics like Scarface, Raging Bull, The Godfather. Nowadays their is a lot of eye candy with all the special effects. It is harder now a days to find movies with great character driven roles or stories.

How do you think your career will change, as you get older?

I’ll be a brand, it is business at the end of the end. I represent confidence, seduction and freedom.

Do you ever watch your work in the movies or on TV after they have been released?

Yes, I usually try to watch it before it hits the public.

Tell us about your character Jane Doe in the movie drama “Searching for Angels”. This must have been your best performance yet.

My character was an amnesic heroin addict and yes it has been my best performance as of yet. Shockingly I felt very comfortable and at peace with all the controversy of the role. In a way the role became therapy for some internal issues that I didn’t want to deal with but that I decided to exploit on film.

I am close to the character. It was refreshing to let go and just play myself- the reckless wild child with no consequences because it was my job.

What is next for Veronika?

The feature film The Big Smoke and Lady of the Night which are to be shot in Toronto. I have recently broken my ankle in 3 places and in a cast till early June- Once the cast comes off- I am back on set. For now I’ve done quite a bit of photo shoots where the focus is from my knees up.

I’ve also recently collaborated with Visalus health products. During my injury I wasn’t able to workout much. Actually I haven’t been working out at all. The companies products have really helped me maintain my shape and I’ve even lost weight with no hunger.

Also, make sure to check me out in Maxim this July (Smiles).

Where do you call home?

Good question, it was once Toronto but now it seems to be Malibu.

Final advice for young actors and models trying to break into this business?

Trust your instinct with what path you should take. It’s all I really got at the end of the day.