Born in Mexico City, and raised in Toronto, Veronika London’s acting career started in 2009 with provocative television appearances on HBO’s “Lingerie” and Showtime’s “Body Language”. In that same year London shot seven music videos – all of which featured her in lead roles, ranging in different musical genres and worked as the co- host for Toro- TV’s “Damage Control” series .In 2010, the method trained actress, having studied at Pro-Actors lab in Toronto, focused on more unconventional feature film roles as a means of challenging herself with character driven roles.

Veronika London in Control- Toro TV Write up As the New Host of Toro TV- Damage Control

Once upon a time, Veronika London was a TORO Woman. Next week, she’ll begin co-hosting Damage Control (“advice for guys in sticky situations”) with yours truly. What qualifies her to dispense advice to confused and possibly even misguided young men? According to the striking brunette, nothing more or less than having lived through a tumultuous and, ultimately, disastrous relationship.

Family Affairs

A man is on edge because his younger brother is having an affair and, even more alarming, the brother’s wife has just had a baby. Should the older brother interfere? “Stay out of it,” says Veronika London, who draws from personal experience and takes a hard line in this edition of Damage Control.

The Rude Girlfriend

A girlfriend who’s great to her guy is rude to other people in public. Is a bro condoning this behaviour by staying with her? William Morassutti and Veronika London hammer out a solution — but is Veronika’s advice too idealistic?

Be a Man

A stranger hurls an insult at your girlfriend while you two are enjoying a date. Should you defend her honour or ignore the fool? William Morassutti and Veronika London discuss the finer points of the code as they compare the new school to the old school.

The Casting Couch

A man’s flirtations with a potential employee are getting serious and he’s uncertain about whether or not to “close the deal.” Would it be an abuse of power? TORO’s William Morassutti seeks out a woman’s perspective from Damage Control co-host Veronika London.