Veronika in "Searching for Angels"

In 2009 Veronika London launched a film career with Spanish speaking roles in Meet My Water Buffalo and in the dark comedy “The Elusive Man”. “The Elusive Man” traveled internationally in the festival circuit and went on to win several awards, including “Action on Film” in California and at the World Fest International Film Festival in Houston.

In 2010, the method trained actress, having studied at Pro-Actors lab in Toronto, focused on more unconventional feature film roles as a means of challenging herself with character driven roles. She found herself connecting better with the “conflicted rawness” of some of the characters she portrayed, such as the assassin in Mvnera, a killer bartender in “Three Shades of Black” and a pregnant nun in the horror slasher “Black Eve”. Her Joliesque dark and natural “NYC street edge” became clear when she entered the serious actress pool after her performance in the thriller “Searching for Angels” starring alongside Vivica A. Fox, playing an amnesiac heroin addict. The film received great reviews and was tabbed as “Memento meets Gia”.